4K Sea Turtle Taiwan 60P 10 bits Slow Motion Footage | 海龜/影像素材/小琉球

4K Sea Turtle Taiwan 60P 10 bits Slow Motion Footage | 海龜/影像素材/小琉球

本影片素材使用SONY A7S3 全片幅專業攝影機拍攝,解析度為,4K 60p Slog3 10bits 流量 200Mb/s , 方便後製調色,以及50%慢動作處理. 30p正常速度播放,畫面滑順,不會有Lag.非常適合製作高畫質的廣告,生態,水中影片.

水中相機:Sony A7S3 + Nauticam Housing
水中濾鏡: STC Aqua Rose

台灣小琉球是臺灣南方的一個小島,以其美麗的海洋生態聞名。其中,海龜是小琉球海域最為著名的生物之一,也是遊客最喜愛觀察的生物之一。 小琉球龍蝦洞的潮間帶,這裡非常淺,有許多的海龜來這裡覓食。影片中可以看到各種大小不同的海龜在慢慢地游動,它們看起來十分安詳,也十分可愛。

This video material is shot with a SONY A7S3 full-frame professional camera with a resolution of 4K Slog3 10bits 60p, which is convenient for post-production, color correction, and slow motion processing. It is very suitable for making high-quality advertising, ecological, and underwater videos.

Taiwan Xiaoliuqiu is a small island in the south of Taiwan, famous for its beautiful marine ecology. Among them, sea turtles are one of the most famous creatures in the waters of Xiaoliuqiu, and they are also one of the creatures that tourists like to observe most. The intertidal zone of the Lobster Cave in Xiaoliuqiu is very shallow, and many turtles come here to look for food. In the video, you can see sea turtles of various sizes swimming slowly. They look very peaceful and cute.

Camera: :Sony A7S3 + Nauticam Housing
Underwater Filter: STC Aqua Rose

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